Sugar Bytes releases Effectrix2

Effectrix2 is an indispensable tool for adding mesmerizing effects to your audio, driven by a 32-step sequencer with swing and dynamic length. With 14 versatile effects at your fingertips, including Looper, Grain, Ring, Vinyl, Spectrum, and more, you can sculpt sound in real-time.

Whether you’re a professional producer or an adventurous DJ, Effectrix2 enhances your music with time-stretching, granular synthesis, and glitchy creativity. It boasts key features such as a modulator for each effect, intelligent randomization, and Looper effects with pitch and size control. Moreover, it offers fine-tuned control over the dry/wet mix and global blending.

Effectrix2 stores up to 12 setups within a single preset, allowing you to switch patterns in real time. With a price tag of 129 euros or dollars, it’s a must-have for creative sound manipulation.

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