Dynaudio Acoustics adds new powerful subwoofers to AIR series

Dynaudio Acoustics introduces AIR Base 12 and AIR Base 24, two new powerful active subwoofers. These AIR Series subs feature an original 12″ driver that was specifically designed for low frequency reproduction and extremely tight impulse response.

AIR Base 12 features 500 watts into a single 12” driver and AIR Base 24 features 700 watts of amplification into two 12” drivers. With these latest additions to the series, AIR System owners have even more options for selecting the right subwoofer for the size of their monitor system.

Dynaudio Acoustics has put great effort into designing a pair of subwoofers that are able to withstand resonance within the enclosure due to low-end frequency response, thus ensuring a more precise output. With a total frequency response of 22 Hz – 200 Hz and a 500 watt amplifier, AIR Base 12 delivers a lot of bang for the buck. It is intended for editing suites, post production facilities, music recording and mixing studios, as well as larger broadcast vans. AIR Base 24 offers a frequency response of 20 Hz – 200 Hz and is powered by a 700 watt amplifier. Suited for medium and large sized rooms, this subwoofer will perform well in music recording and mixing studios, post production facilities and multi-channel production environments.

Both new subwoofers include all the benefits of the AIR Series, such as networking, advanced bass management, extensive calibration, preset handling and the ability to control parameters from a remote or PC editor. The accurate and transparent sound that has become the trademark of the AIR Series is naturally inherent in these powerful subwoofers.

The AIR Base 12 and AIR Base 24 subwoofers will ship in September 2004 at EUR 2995,- (ex. VAT), USD 3595,- MSRP and EUR 4150,- (ex. VAT), USD 4995,- MSRP respectively.

AIR Base 12:

AIR Base 24:

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