OpenLabs introduces mFusion midi software

Open Labs, the leading designer and developer of computer-based music production solutions, has introduced mFusion™, a breakthrough set of software technologies that allows users to control different musical keyboard devices and software packages through a single interface. The latest software component of the company’s OpenSynth™ platform, which is used in the Open Labs NeKo™ and OMX™ lines of keyboards and digital audio production stations, mFusion will be licensed to third-party musical instrument and recording equipment companies that want to take advantage of an efficient, next-generation platform for music production that allows users to access and create more digital music, in less time and with better control than previously available.

mFusion is a set of software technologies along with a control panel that allows the user to easily navigate, access, and remap control surfaces for all Open Labs control panels as well as all third-party Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) control devices. With mFusion, users merely need to touch a knob or slider to begin the process. A wide variety of options are available for each control type. For example, a button can send a MIDI note-on, initiate a program change, keystroke, or even launch an application. This versatility extends to encoders, knobs, faders, drumpads, and many other common control types, with the ability to address and remap up to thousands of controllers simultaneously.

mFusion will be shipped preinstalled in all Open Labs products as well as future products from Open Labs’ growing list of development partners.

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