Terratec presents the Phase X 24 FW

TerraTec Producer is poised to unveil at the Frankfurt Musikmesse PHASE X24 FW, the professional version of PHASE 24 FW. Featuring a range of connection options and sophisticated FireWire™ technology housed in a stand-alone aluminum chassis, this device is built to convince. Sporting two analog inputs (line, hi-Z or mic in with 48V phantom power), four outputs, digital I/O, MIDI I/O, insert jacks and gain knobs, PHASE X24 FW is the all-round studio interface for discerning users.

The two combination jacks on the front panel of the external housing accept 6.3 mm (1/4″) jack plugs for instruments such as electric guitars and basses, as well as XLR connectors for microphones. Equipped with status and clip LEDs, these inputs’ levels are individually adjustable using two dedicated gain knobs. On demand, 48-volt phantom power can assigned separately to each channel.

With four line outs (two main and two monitor each!), the PHASE X 24 FW’s crystal-clear signals are easily sent loss-free to outboard devices. Boasting 24-bit /192-kHz signal processing and 111 dB signal-to-noise ratio, the device delivers the fidelity users have come to expect from TerraTec. What’s more, two front-panel inserts accommodate external effectors, for instance, compressors and other signal processors.

An adjustable headphones output, a digital interface (optical) for S/PDIF, AC3 and DTS formats, and a MIDI I/O round out the range of connection options. Courtesy of a FireWire™-enabled link to users’ computers, all data are sent fast and latency-free to their destinations. All cords and adapters required to connect the device are included. TerraTec Producer’s extended audio system also ships with a handy tote bag enabling users to enjoy the new PHASE’s many benefits here, there and everywhere.

Priced at 359.00 euros (MSRP), PHASE X 24 FW is set to hit stores in May 2005.

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