Digidesign ships the Icon D-Control surround panner

Digidesign is pleased to announce that the new Surround Panner option for the ICON D-Control worksurface is now available. The Surround Panner brings powerful and convenient panning functionality to the center section of the D-Control console.


· Integrated 640×480 high-resolution color LCD touchscreen
· Two touch-sensitive joysticks with associated Punch buttons
· Two touch-sensitive rotary encoders with 15-segment LED rings
· Six Mode buttons for each panner
· Direct control over panning and divergence via touchscreen, joysticks, or encoders
· Custom Assign mode for controlling non-pan-specific parameters with the touchscreen and joysticks
· AutoGlide automated panning features
· Touchable on-screen speaker icons to place sounds at discrete sources and “snap” automation moves

Multiple Panning Options
Developed for mixing in all surround formats, the Surround Panner provides post and music mixing professionals with multiple, ergonomic methods for moving sound throughout the surround field. ICON operators can use the high-resolution color LCD touchscreen to enter snap automation moves or place sounds with touchable on-screen speaker icons. Surround Panner also includes two touch-sensitive joysticks and two encoders, which feature 15-segment LED rings. Meanwhile, a cluster of hardware and software buttons make accessing parameters and assigning targets easy.

Pro Tools Integration
Surround Panner works with Digidesign® Pro Tools® software to deliver robust capabilities for automated panning. A new AutoGlide function pans sounds automatically from one position to the next, helping to move sound in time. Direct support for new glide automation functionality enables precise off-line automation as well.

Custom Assignments
Custom assignments of non-pan-related controls make Surround Panner a useful tool for post mixers, sound designers, and music mixing engineers alike. For example, the operator can assign gain and frequency of an EQ to X and Y axes on the Surround Panner to achieve dramatic filter sweeps with a finger tip.

The Surround Panner will work with Digidesign Pro Tools TDM 6.9.3 software and higher. Macintosh systems require Mac OS X 10.4.

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