Behringer releases new FireWire Audio Interface

Behringer has released the FCA202, a very modest priced audio interface. This ultra-compact FireWire audio interface is an ideal companion for laptop musicians and ingeniously complements any studio. Its hot features include: Two 1/4 inch connector inputs and outputs for connecting synthesizers, mixers and more; high resolution 24-bit A/D and D/A converters offer 96 kHz sampling frequency; volume-controlled headphones for discreetly working on your compositions, even on the road. Reliable Windows XP and Mac OS drivers guarantee low latencies.

With the ultra-stable metal construction, the FCA202 easily defies the adversities of travel. And its small dimensions make it an ideal solution for laptop recording. Additional features include two 6-pin FireWire® connectors, a security port for Kensington® locks and the possibility to power the FCA202 via FireWire® or a mains adapter, which is included. The hot FCA202 package also comes with the coolest sequencing software for mobile music production: the BEHRINGER Edition of Ableton® Live Lite 4. Kristal and Audacity® are also included and will empower you to face any recording challenge.

Live Lite 4 BEHRINGER Edition includes all of the following features:
– Jam with sounds and phrases in the uniquely interactive and nonlinear Session View
– Improvise and record song arrangements
– Combine loops, phrases, complete songs and audio recordings of any tempo
– Export Audio (render, re-sample and consolidate)
– Instantly record new Audio and MIDI clips
– Modify tempo, groove and timing of recorded audio at any time
– Draw or edit MIDI sequences
– Import MIDI files
– Build combinations of effects by drag-and-drop
– Use Clip Envelopes to modulate pitch, timing, volume and effect parameters of the individual notes in a sample
– Gain unprecedented real-time control by assigning clips and all mixer, transport and effects parameters to computer keys
– Tap and automate tempo
– Crossfade clips (DJ-style)
– 13 (all) Live Audio effects (Auto-filter, Chorus, Compressor, EQ four, Gate, Ping Pong Delay, Erosion, Filter Delay, Grain Delay, Simple Delay, Vinyl Distortion, Redux, Reverb)
– 5 (all) Live Midi effects (Chord, Pitch, Random, Scale, Velocity)
– Side chain in/out puts

The FCA202 is priced at 96 Euro (100 US dollars) and will be available in the 4th quarter 2005.

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