Lynx introduces LT-ADAT expansion card for Aurora converters

Lynx Studio Technology today announced the LT-ADAT, which allows Lynx Aurora converters to add up to 16 channels of high-performance ADAT Lightpipe input and output. The LT-ADAT is a full-function ADAT interface that provides two ADAT Lightpipe inputs and outputs when installed in an Aurora 8 or Aurora 16.

Operating at a sample rate of 48 kHz, the LT-ADAT I/O channel capacity is 16. Higher sample rates are supported using S/MUX technology: 8 channels at 96 kHz and 4 channels at 192 kHz.

Easily installed inside the Aurora 16 and Aurora 8, the LT-ADAT connects via ribbon cable to the host converter. Channel routing is controlled from the Aurora front panel, by computer via the Lynx AES16, or using MIDI and Infrared communication devices. The LT-ADAT clock can be slaved to Aurora or a Lightpipe optical signal. Even when slaving to Lightpipe, Aurora’s SynchroLock technology provides immunity to high levels of jitter, which is typical in optical signals

LT-ADAT also allows Aurora to function as a bi-directional format converter, converting ADAT to AES/EBU and analog and back to ADAT. LT-ADAT will be available October 1, 2005 with a US suggested retail price of $249. Owners of LS-ADATs will be able to purchase an adapter kit that will allow the LS-ADAT to be used as an LT-ADAT with Aurora.

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