Renoise updated to v.1.5.2.

A shiny new interface, totally reorganized internal code structure, a right-click context-menu, automation-following, a metronome… it is but a few of the new features.

So much has changed since Renoise 1.281, it’s fair to say Renoise 1.5 is a whole new experience. And through extensive testing, this software is built like a tank. Add Renoise to your musical arsenal now: Renoise V1.5. Available for Windows and MacOSX 10.3.

* Changed MIDI Program Change behaviour: When modifying parameters of a MIDI instrument, Renoise will no longer resend program changes to all the other MIDI instruments, but only to the altered one.
* OS X: Improved VST window handling: VST editor windows should now require less CPU.
* Various drawing / resize incompatibilities were fixed.

* Windows: Fixed possible random crashes when deleting a VST or native DSP device by clicking on the small “X” button in the DSP device.
* OS X: Fixed start-up problems, if Renoise was installed on a case sensitive file system.
* OS X: Fixed broken Apple menu in OSX 10.4.3 and higher.
* Fixed wrong import of 32 bit float AIFC and 24 bit files.
* Fixed broken Impulse Tracker import – songs with compressed samples should load correctly now.
* Fixed initialization problems with the Korg-M1 VSTi.
* Fixed distorted Audio output with the Nomad Phaser VST.
* Fixed incorrectly bypassed
* VSTiAutomationDevices: Parameter changes were sent to the VSTi even when the device was Bypassed.

Demo available at the Renoise website.

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