Motu first to update drivers for new Intel powered Apples

Motu is one of the first manufacturers to update their productline for use with the Apple Macs which run now on Intel processors. The recently introduced Apple Intel powered iMac and MacBook Pro.

Intel Mac Drivers for MOTU FireWire and USB are on the way. If you are buying a new Intel iMac or MacBook Pro, and you own – or are planning to purchase – a MOTU FireWire audio interface, USB2 audio interface or MIDI interface, rest easy. We plan to release Intel Mac compatible drivers for all of our FireWire and USB audio and MIDI interfaces by January 31st.

This means that anyone who owns a MOTU FireWire audio, USB2 audio and USB MIDI interface product will be able to use their hardware with a new Intel iMac or MacBook Pro by simply downloading the new driver package. This package will include all accompanying console and CueMix software. MOTU is currently qualifying MOTU software products for use with the new Intel iMac and MacBook Pro.

More information at the MOTU website.

For MAC/Intel users among us there is a great website where you can find out if your software (NOT only Audio software!) is compatible. Visit Version Tracker for more information.

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