SPL introduced New Volume Controllers

Following on the heels of the full featured Stereo and Surround Monitoring Controllers MTC 2381 and SMC 2489, SPL has introduced at this years Frankfurt Musikmesse two new completely analog volume controllers, which, true to their stated function, are dedicated solely to level control. The Volume2 model is intended for stereo applications, while the Volume8 can control up to 8 channels. Both devices are designed with active switching to circumvent inevitable disadvantages of passive circuitries that result in impedance variation and therefore degraded linearity in frequency response.

Many D/A converters and sound cards fail to provide level controls for monitoring analog output signals, so signal reduction for a normal monitoring levels forces to reduce the converter’s output level. In effect, this results in a reduced bit rate that lowers audio quality sometimes below acceptable levels. On the other hand, optimal monitoring occurs when converter output quality is at its best as in the final analysis, monitor signal quality remains decisive. This problem is solved by Volume2 and Volume8, which with their highest-possible quality design and execution, also deliver unsurpassed monitoring quality.

• High end volume potentiometers from ALPS
• Balanced XLR input and output connectors from Neutrik
• Illuminated passive mute switches from ALPS

• Custom designed, high end, eight-ganged potentiometer with invariable precision at each and every gain level.
• Illuminated passive mute switches from ALPS, relay switching for all channels
• Input and outputs over DB-25 connectors (to multicore XLR or 1/4-inch TRS)

Both machines have high-end power supplies with generously-sized toroidal transformers. Massive 45mm (1.78-inch) aluminium knobs insure precise control as well as an elegant look to the housing, whose front and upper side is made of a striking etched aluminum. The compact format (8.5 inches wide, 3.14 inches high) easily allows for flexible desktop location conveniently near one’s computer monitor.


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