SSL X-Rack Gets 8 Input Module

Solid State Logic proudly announces the newest component to the X-Rack modular rack system: the Eight Input Module.

The Eight Input Module was developed in response to requests from X-Rack users for a line input module designed to accommodate larger quantities of stereo line level inputs from studio sources such as multichannel audio interfaces, sub mixers and synthesizers. The Eight Input Module offers greater connectivity than the Four Input Module but does not offer independent Level, Solo & Pan control. The Four and Eight Input Modules are both designed for use in conjunction with the recently released Master Bus Module, the summing, metering & control room module that enables users to configure the X-Rack as a multi input, dual stereo bus mini SSL summing mixer with Total Recall®.

Key features of the X-Rack Eight Input Module include:
* Eight line level inputs configured as four stereo pairs
* Mono/stereo switching for each stereo pair
* Additional insert points for inputs 1&2 and 3&4
* Independent On/Off switches for each stereo pair

SSL X-Rack

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