New impulse responses for Altiverb

Audio Ease have released some spectacular impulse responses for your Altiverb this summer. As always, they are free downloads for all Altiverb Users. This release is an outdoor ir set: 19 new street samples were made at wide variety of locations at a moonlit business park near Audio Ease head quarters. You can download them as of today, right here.

May’s release, the Amsterdam Singelkerk has the potential to become your go-to music IR. It is one of our absolute favorite spaces in Altiverb. It is a wide open wooden room built in the year 1639, and it has such a breathtaking sound that it is often booked as a music recording space.

In the library Audio Ease lacked choice in large theaters, so they added London’s National Theatre in June, a set of twelve microphone configurations. The July Impulse Response is one for the underground section: a 120 meter long Bus Tunnel that Audio Ease could record with decent signal to noise ratio because it hasn’t opened to traffic yet. And last month they released two spaces from the Netherlands Broadcast Organisation: an orchestral recording studio, and a choir recording studio.



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