More Sounds for the U-He Zebra 2 released

Just following last week’s release of Zebra 2.5.1, U-He is releasing 3 new patch banks for it: Alexander Hacke’s “New York City”, BIGTONE Studios “Stratospheres” and Zebra DancePack.

New York City is the new patch bank for Zebra2 by Alexander Hacke, of the famous German post-industrial band Einstürzende Neubauten. Hacke’s work has influenced many musicians around the world, and the musical genre Industrial would certainly not be the same without him!

In this amazing patch collection, Hacke combines his love for New York City with his love for Zebra2. A musical hommage, a cinematic soundtrack that captures the flavor of various New York locations. Some sounds are playable chromatically, others tell an entire story within a single note. Some smirk at you ironically, others evoke the strangest of emotions. Always read the patch info, and always try the XY controls for extra expression!

For some this will be the ultimate synaesthetic guide to the Big Apple, for all others it will be the most unusual collection of individual sounds and loops they have ever heard from Zebra2.

Stratospheres is the sequel to the acclaimed Chronospheres soundset. BIGTONE proudly presets a brand new bank, the likes of which have never been heard from a digital synthesizer.

The main focus of this soundset is on meticulous emulations of classic analogue sounds – but several surprises are also included! Great care has been taken to ensure that all patches remain rich and expressive across several octaves: all sounds are truly playable…Stratospheres is a must for all aficionados of analogue synthesis!

If anyone boldly claims there are no suitable Dance sounds for Zebra2, you can tell them about this compilation! Nick Moritz and Xenos Soundworks have pooled their resources to create a tremendous collection of drums & percussion, megasaws / hoovers, edgy digital noises and psychedelic leads…

Comprising Inspiration and Zebra Energy, DancePack was engineered to satisfy the demands of all cutting-edge Dance, House or Drum ‘n’ Bass producers today.



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