Mixed In Keys Mashup 1.5 released

Mashup software helps you create 100% harmonically compatible mashups. It will eliminate key clashes. Open a music file. Once the track has been processed, you can start editing. Add as many songs as you want, and Mashup will beatmatch them for you. Mashup shows you which songs are harmonically compatible for perfect mixing. Copy, paste, and loop anything you want. Recently version 1.5 have been released and is available for download.

New features:

* Copy / paste of segments
* Loop audio by duplicating the same segment multiple times
* Select a portion of the audio wave and drag it onto a new row
* Press the “S” button on your keyboard to split the track into two segments.
* Adjust “Phase” settings for each segment individually.

There are lots of other great improvements too.

If you open Mashup 1.0, it’ll automatically direct you to the download link.

Mashup (by MixedInKey)


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