Pick Cherries with Radial Engineerings new pre-amplifier selector

Radial Engineering Ltd. is pleased to introduce the Cherry Picker, a unique device that enables the studio engineer to connect a microphone and select between four mic preamps in order to optimize the signal path and deliver the best sonic performance.


Compact and exceedingly easy to use, the Cherry Picker is a ‘straight wire’ passive switcher that features a balanced mic input with four outputs. Front panel ‘radio-style’ selector switches enable the engineer to select the active preamp while the Cherry Picker automatically shuts off the others. Audio signal switching is actually performed using military-grade gold contact sealed relays. This ensures the signal will be transferred from input to output without introducing distortion, coloration or artifact of any kind.

Radial President, Peter Janis explains: “We noticed that many studios offer a variety of microphones and preamps to their clients. But switching between them to audition is often cumbersome as it usually requires muting the microphone, connecting cables at the patchbay and then readjusting the levels. The time delay between tests makes it practically impossible to remember one sonic signature versus another. The Cherry Picker lets you instantly audition and compare several mic preamps improving work flow efficiency.  Engaging the artist during the preamp selection process increases the comfort level of the artist and this usually results in a better musical performance, improving the sound of the track.


To ensure quiet switching when using studio condensers, the Cherry Picker generates its own 48 volt phantom power for a stable supply to the microphone. This eliminates turning on and off the phantom power on each preamp. Each output is equipped with a ground lift switch to help eliminate buzz and hum caused by ground loops.  A conveniently located front panel mute switch allows the Cherry Picker to be put on hold while the microphone is exchanged without having to readjust signal levels or mute preamps.

The Cherry Picker will start shipping in November 2012. Estimated retail price: $400 USD.

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