Elektron on a role… New Octatrack sounds and new forum!

Lots of news out of Sweden from Elektron. After last week with the release of Utility Kicks, they now release another soundpack for Octatrack, Hell Bent on Circuits. Furthermore, they launched Elektronauts this week. Developed ground up, Elektronauts is a meeting point for anyone interested in music production in general and Elektron gear in particular.

About Elektronauts

Elektronauts is conceived and hosted by Elektron. Naturally, caring for the site is a top priority. Time and effort will be spent to make sure the site stays relevant, interesting, resourceful and spam-free. The ambition with Elektronauts is to offer an online meeting point for musicians all over the world. In other words, it is a place dedicated to you.

Future development

In the future, Elektron plan to implement a media section, consisting of a sort of a video blog/audio blog which registered users can contribute to. Other additions to Elektronauts will include a file repository and an interview section. These features are already in the works, and have come a rather long way, but Elektron feel they need a bit more polish before making them available.

Hell Bent on Circuits – Octatrack Soundpack

Frankensteined gear alert! The Puremagnetik team has ripped up dozens of electronic instruments and totally rearranged their innards.

If you ever wanted to know how demon possessed gear might sound, Hell Bent on Circuits is the Octatrack Sound pack for you. Included is also a thorough collection of digital speech synthesis samples.

Hell Bent on Circuits by Elektron









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