New Firmware Update for Steinberg UR28M and UR824 USB available

Steinberg have announced that they have enhanced their UR28M and UR824 USB audio interfaces with a comprehensive firmware update which adds several new features and improvemnets. This newly released firmware update for UR28M and UR824 USB audio interfaces boasts DSP-based guitar amp effects, VST 3 effects bundle, class-compliant mode for connectivity with iPads, loopback option for internet live streaming and a free version of Steinberg’s latest Cubase AI music production software.

This is possibly the widest ranging firmware update for any Steinberg hardware,” remarked Stefan Schreiber, product marketing manager at Steinberg. “Offering class compliance is definitely a first for us, and is the perfect complement for our Cubasis iOS app.

Building on the interfaces’ dspMixFx technology, which already offers latency-free monitoring with the available REV-X reverb and the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip, a set of guitar amp simulations christened Guitar Amp Classics has now been added to the UR28M and UR824 interfaces. Guitar Amp Classics comprises four amp types: Clean with built-in chorus and vibrato effects, Crunch for overdriven tube dynamics, Drive for heavy distortion and Lead.

The included Basic FX Suite consists of VST 3 versions of the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip, REV-X reverb and Guitar Amp Classics. The newly introduced CC mode, or class-compliant mode, enables connectivity with the iPad (2 or later) through Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit. With the v2 firmware update, the UR28M and UR824 interfaces now provide loopback capability that consolidates all playback track and input channels and returns the mix to the computer. Registered UR28M and UR824 customers are eligible for a free download of Cubase AI 7, providing tools for recording, mixing and editing music.


The firmware and tools update are available as downloads in the support area on the Steinberg website. Cubase AI 7 is available for users logging into their MySteinberg account.

Features at a glance

• New Guitar Amp Classics effect bundle running on DSP, allowing latency-free monitoring with guitar amp effect

• Basic FX Suite VST 3 plug-in bundle, consisting of three software components: Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip, REV-X and Guitar Amp Classics

• CC mode for connectivity with the iPad (2 or later) through Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit

• Loopback function for internet live streaming: incoming audio signals are merged to playback signal from audio playback software

• Free version of latest version of Cubase AI 7 for all registered UR users, providing a set of new features









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