Aston Microphones announces custom Rycote Shock Mount

Aston Microphones is happy to launch the new Aston CUSTOM Rycote Shock Mount. Finished in Aston Microphone’s signature purple colour, this innovative shock mount provides a quick and easy shock mounting solution for all Aston Microphones.

The Aston Rycote Custom is an InVision™ product which makes use of Rycote’s patented vibration-resistant Lyre mount. The W-shaped Lyres are placed around a central mounting ring with a single fixing point specifically design for the Aston Spirit and Origin mics, allowing for incredibly quick and easy mounting.

Aston Microphones chose Rycote as partner for shock mounts, because not only are they made in the UK, just like Aston’s products, but they are indisputably the best mounts on the market today. The Aston Rycote Custom updates the concept of the microphone suspension for the 21st century, completely omitting any elasticated parts and using modern materials to create a virtually indestructible shock-mount with a performance that far outstrips that of the humble ’cat’s cradle’ suspension. In controlled tests at the Rycote factory, the Custom provided up to twice the isolation of traditional microphone suspension systems.

“We are very proud to have Rycote as our partner,” said James Young, Managing Director of Aston Microphones. “Rycote’s technology offers the best performing shock mounts on the market, making it an ideal match for our high-performance mics.”

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