The new BAE Audio G10 EQ graphic EQ delivers analog versatility in the studio

Premium analogue gear manufacturer BAE Audio announced that its new G10 equalizer is shipping in July. The unit, first unveiled at the 139th AES Convention, combines a punchy, transformer-based signal path with the versatile 10-band graphic EQ configuration and 2520-style discrete op-amps — making it ideal for tweaking drum or guitar sounds, or even processing an entire mix. It is available as a 500 series unit, further expanding BAE Audio’s significant offerings in this popular and economical format.

10 Bands of Analog Goodness
With 10 carefully selected bands offering up to 12 dB of boost or cut on tap, the G10 offers a level of tone sculpting that can help any audio sit perfectly in the mix. The easy-to-use slider-based interface helps users intuitively visualize the EQ curves they are applying. Switchable high-pass and low-pass filters, tuned at 80 Hz and 12 kHz respectively, help make the G10 a truly complete sound shaping solution.

“We had been asked by many of our customers to put our spin on the 10-band graphic EQ,” says BAE Audio CEO Mark Loughman. “In keeping with our pedigree, we did it with superior components and build quality and combined that with an innovative implementation of input and output transformers in the path. As a result, the G10 is a versatile EQ that can do wonders to enhance your sound during tracking, mixing, or mastering.”

Unique Signal Path
The BAE Audio G10 implements an op-amp like those used in well-loved ‘70s American boards. Unlike some other 10-band equalizers presently on the market, the G10 includes balanced input and output. The G10 also features input and output transformers that imbue any audio passing through it with a unique tonal character.
“The transformers give the G10 an incredibly tight sound that has plenty of punch without harshness,” Loughman says. “It has a color and personality to it all its own and provides a nice counterpoint to the British-designed BAE EQs that you probably already have in your lunchbox.”

The G10 will begin shipping in mid-July and is available through authorized BAE Audio dealers.

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