Percussa to show SSP Super Signal Processor Eurorack DSP module at Superbooth 2018 in Berlin

Percussa is proud to announce and show its Super Signal Processor (SSP), a 16 in/8 out @192kHz/32bit Eurorack DSP module at Superbooth 2018, May 3-5 in Berlin, Germany.

The Percussa SSP was designed for and together with the eurorack community, then was funded succesfully on in less than 12 hours, and will now be shown for the first time in public at SB 2018.

Some of the Percussa SSP’s impressive features:

  • Quad core A17 @ 1.8GHz ARM DSP power with 2GB RAM
  • 1600×480 full colour widescreen IPS display
  • All 16 ins and 8 outs up to 192kHz / 32 bit, DC coupled
  • Global delay and effect processors
  • Built-in direct to disk recorder (internal and external signals)
  • Internal smart routing and patching system
  • Patch save / recall system
  • USB MIDI Controller and MPE support
  • Multi-voice and polyphonic
  • High speed USB port for direct recording onto Mac / Win
  • Easy file exchange and backup with microSD card (WAV)

The SSP is available for pre-ordering on the Percussa website. MSRP pricing is $2,000. The first SSP units will be shipping in May 2018 to kickstarter backers, with the rest of the backer units and pre-orders expected to ship in June 2018.

Come see the Percussa SSP at the our booth W210.

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