Superbooth news from Tubbutec – new eurorack module ‘µTune

We received a message from Tubbutec:


We will present our newest eurorack module ‘µTune’ at the upcoming Superbooth 2018 at our booth (0307) and as a ‘Gesprächskonzert’ on Friday 2:40pm.
If you are interested in meeting us there, please write to, or just come to the booth. We’ll be happy to answer any questions.

µTune is a versatile quantizer and midi interface with an emphasis on micro tonal scales.

it is now available at Schneiders Laden, Perfect Circuit Audio and in our own webshop.

We will also show a couple of new prototypes, which will be available as products soon:

– A 2-channel Expander for µTune in 2HP
– A 8-channel parameter expander for uTune in 2HP
– Sumtiple: A 2HP precision adder/multiple
– A small eurorack case (18HP). Can turn modules into stand-alone gear

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