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Hard Note updates Jump to version 1.15

Hard Note updates Jump to version 1.15

A free update of JUMP to version 1.15 (Nov 25 2004) is now available for download. This new version features:

* New 8th Note Swing control for creating swing/shuffle grooves

* New Straight/Swing Toggle, Halve Tempo and Double Tempo functions

* New rhythm voice instrument defaults

* Improved randomisation

* Improved Rationalise Song option

* More keyboard shortcuts * More demo material

* Updated and improved Guide to Using JUMP

* Fixed function keys not responding when motif editor has focus bug.

Please see the website for full details.

To update download the latest demo from and re-install it. You will not need to remove the previous version first, as the latest version will overwrite it.

Ultra Analog VA-1 v1.0.1 Update from AAS available

Ultra Analog VA-1 v1.0.1 Update from AAS available

Applied Acoustics are pleased to announce a free update for Ultra Analog VA-1. This update includes the following bugfixes and enhancements:

– The Ultra Analog Audio Unit plug-in now pass the Logic 7 validation

– MIDI program changes work in Pro Tools and in Cubase

– Performance problems caused by denormals have been fixed on Windows

– The Ultra Analog VST plug-in now works in Orion

– There is no more noise or stuck notes when changing presets while playing

– There is no more portamento effect when playing the first notes of a newly loaded preset
– The manual has been updated

– Corrected a problem with the Locate command

– Effect presets now load correctly in the RTAS version

Terratec announces the  Aureon 7.1 universe

Terratec announces the Aureon 7.1 universe

TerraTec Electronic is forging ahead with its uncompromising quality policy – high performance at a reasonable price. The audio experts in Nettetal, Germany present the 8-channel Aureon 7.1 Universe sound card, featuring a 5¼” front module and remote control including now GSIF2- and ASIO-drivers. The Aureon 7.1 Universe is the successor of the famous DMX 6fire 24/96 and a sound system designed to transform your PC into a professional surround sound studio for music, games and DVDs – with 8 channels and the latest 24-bit/192-kHz converter technology for recording and playback.

D16 announces Phoscyon, a new TB303 clone

D16 announces Phoscyon, a new TB303 clone

A polish group of designers and musicians, called D16, developed a TB303 clone. When listening to their audio samples we were quite amazed by the great sound of this clone. The VSTi is still in development but a final release should be within the coming few months.

Phoscyon perfectly emulates original synthesis, especially untypical lowpass filters with 18dB/oct slope and constant Q in frequency domain. It contains also extended arpeggiator (irreplaceable in electronic music) and integrated splendidly adapted distortion effect without which the Acid music practically doesn’t exists.

New Apple firewire audio interface for Garageband

New Apple firewire audio interface for Garageband

Industry rumours revealed that Apple is developing a FireWire audio interface for GarageBand. Apple Computer is expected to introduce a new audio interface for GarageBand users in the coming months. The analog FireWire audio device, the first product of its recently created iPod division, will allow users to directly record audio using any Mac and Apple’s GarageBand music studio application. According to reputable sources, the company is on track to begin manufacturing the device overseas next month.

The device, code-named Q97 or ASTEROID, has been under development at the company for the better part of the year. Typically referred to as a breakout box in the music recording industry, the external audio device attaches to a computer and offers audio inputs and outputs for attaching instruments or other audio sources. Apple is reportedly building the device around GarageBand, its popular application for aspiring musicians.

NI releases updates for B4, Pro-53, Guitar Rig & Spektral Delay

NI releases updates for B4, Pro-53, Guitar Rig & Spektral Delay

Native Instruments recently has released several updates.

B4 v1.1.5 changes:

* AU Validation Hotfix (OSX).

* Various minor issues fixed in the Standalone and plugin versions.

* Total recall behavior improved for the Standalone and plugin versions.

* RTAS redraw problems fixed.

Guitar Rig v1.2 changes:

* Four new Distortion and Fuzz Components: CAT, Demon Distortion, Fuzz Ace and Big Fuzz.

* New Presets in the “- 1.2 Update Bank -“.

* Limiter can be turned off in the Output Component.

* Volume Learn in the Input Component: press “Learn”, play as loud as possible, the input level will be set automatically to the ideal value (takes ca. 5 seconds).

* Reduced time period for switching between presets.

* Gratifier has 20db more gain – this change doesn’t affect existing presets.

* Works as MFX (Music Effect) in Audio Unit Hosts (such as Logic and Digital Performer) – this enables Guitar Rig to receive MIDI as an effect in Audio Units Hosts.

* Various cosmetic changes and minor improvements for the Metronome.

* Controller assignments for the “Mute Sound” button in the Tuner are possible now.

* Now supports Adobe Audition.

Pro-53 v3.0.2 changes:

* Approved host preset handling

* RTAS improvements

* DXi graphic redraw problems solved (Windows).

NI-Spektral Delay v1.5.7 changes:

* LFO reset bug fixed.

* Compatibility with Digital Performer.

* Compatibility with Logic 7.

* DXi and RTAS support (Windows).

PreSonus announces the BlueTube

PreSonus announces the BlueTube

PreSonus is also demonstrating the new BlueTube DP two channel microphone/ instrument preamplifier with Dual Path Technology. The BlueTube DP will replace the award-winning BlueTube by adding enhanced features including a dual signal path with both a solid state preamplifier stage and a tube preamplifier stage.

Sony remixes Acidplanet

Sony remixes Acidplanet

To coincide with the recent release of ACID Pro 5 software and the Sony Sound Series Loops & Samples collection, Sony Media Software today launched the revamped ACIDplanet Web site (, the Internet’s premier destination for new music and unique artists. With an innovative look and feel, an increased focus on video, and the introduction of the paid-for ProZone™ area with its enhanced user features, continues to provide its community of over 200,000 individual digital musicians the most exciting place on the Web to create music, collaborate, listen, chat and publish their own music for the world to hear. To celebrate the launch, is offering visitors the opportunity to download 10 Free Loops a Day for 30 Days.