ConcreteFX release new FM/additive softsynth Viper

ConcreteFX has released Viper, a new FM / additive synthesizer VSTi for Windows that can create range a broad range of organic leads, pads and basses.


* 4 oscillators – each oscillator can be modulated by any other oscillator (including itself for self-modulation) creating the possibility of 65536 different modulation setups. Each modulator can use frequency or ring modulation to create an enormous variety of different sound possibilities. Combined with this, each oscillator has symmetry & pulse width modulation control and oscillator syncing.

* Over 100 additive waveforms, plus the normal analogue waveforms, allowing for a wide palette of sound sources.

* Two multi-mode filters, with 12/24 db low/high/band pass/notch filters plus ring modulation, comb filter and formant filter for vocal sounds.

* 6 AHDSFR envelopes with variable curvature and 6 LFOs. These, along with MIDI and keyboard events, can alter all the major controls, using a simple to use modulation matrix.

* Full MIDI control of all the controls using MIDI learning.

* Step Sequencer with up to 16 steps which also can be used in the modulation matrix to create trance-gate sounds & simple sequences.

* Chorus, stereo delay & stereo widener effects.

* 200 presets + full manual.

Viper costs US$48 / EU€36 / GB£25 and a demo version is available at

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