The MakeProAudio platform goes eurorack

MakeProAudio, the “you make audio gear company” will exhibit at Superbooth in Berlin from May 9. – 11. 2019 (Booth W360).

Did you know that the MPA Platform was actually designed with Eurorack in mind? This will likely be news to many of you, as we had not been speaking about Eurorack so far. Only now at Superbooth will we reveal and demonstrate how nicely the MPA Platform integrates with the Eurorack and how massively it extends both sound spectrum and control capabilities!

See how MPA Tiles become EURO Tiles. See how motorfaders both inside and outside of the Eurorack can transform your performance. See how the MPA Platform is the bridge and missing link between your Eurorack on the one side, and your studio or performance setup on the other side!

Whether you are a musician seeking to refine your setup or a maker enjoying to build exciting new gear – the MPA Platform can take your Eurorack to a new level.

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