UVI releases WaveRunner – Wavetable Synthesis Retrospective

UVI introduces UVI WaveRunner, a collection of Wavetable Synthesis Retrospective. This collection is a multitude of synths, drum machines and rare prototypes of esteemed German heritage come together in this massive and unparalleled retrospective.


It presents you with a wondrous collection of authentic and fascinating sounds from over 30 years of wavetable synthesis. Everything from the raw and strident origins to the wild evolving tones of more modern, full-featured machines. Each system addressed was serviced, meticulously multi-sampled and artfully designed into 7 unique hybrid instruments driven by over 30,000 samples. Both a historical archive of sound and a collection of new and unique instruments with hundreds of presets and limitless sound design potential, WaveRunner is a suite not to be missed.

WaveRunner includes 7 instruments

• WaveRunner 360 : The Origins of Wavetable Synthesis
• WaveRunner 2.0 : The Original German Blue
• WaveRunner 2.3 : The German Blue, Enhanced
• WaveRunner X : A Brand New Wave
• WaveRunner Orange : The Flagship Wavetable Synth
• WaveRunner Terminal D : Hybrid Drum Machine
• WaveRunner Terminal U : Wavetable Multi-Phraser









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